1. Hemlock

        Well-suited for load-bearing requirements of residential and light commercial construction

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        Hem-fir is a species combination of Western Hemlock and true firs.

        Possessing a lower density, hemlock/fir is easily pressure-treated with preservatives and is available in structural, appearance, and remanufacturing grades.


        Building with hemlock

        Pressure treated lumber like hemlock/fir is ideal for decking and in constructing outdoor amenities. While less dense than other species combinations, hemlock/fir is well-suited for load-bearing requirements of residential and light commercial construction. Due to the fact it resists warping and twisting, hemlock is also often used for moldings and trim.


        Tolko’s trusted quality

        Guided by the same values for over 60 years, we are dedicated to sustainable manufacturing processes and superb customer service. Our mission is beyond just selling hemlock/fir. We build relationships in order to better understand our customer’s business and then provide them with the solutions, service, and market knowledge they need to succeed.

        From our long-lasting hemlock/fir, to our knowledgeable Tolko team, we are committed to the success of your business.


        Hemlock/fir Lumber

        GradeSizeLengthGrade StampDescription
        Stud#2 Riverside Stud2x3, 2x4, 2x68', 9' & 10' PET#2 & BTRNLGA Grade Rule
        Tolko Stud2x3, 2x4, 2x68', 9' & 10' PETStud GradeNLGA Grade Rule

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